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Friendly Songs and Singing Stuffed Animals for Friendly Folks

These songs will delight your child's imagination. Start with the "Wake Up" song to get those toes tapping bright and early. Then try the "Dinosaur Shuffle" and get funky or learn your ABC's with the "Alphabet Song". The "Pizza Song" and "Silly Farm" will make your child laugh with delight.

Listen to a real self-esteem builder for your child like "No One Else Like You". Then wind up your day with the soothing sounds of a "Goodnight" Lullaby. All of the songs are written to sing personally to your child using their name through-out the music.

  • Create-A-Book personalized books and music are the perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, babies and much much more. 
  • Our products help educate, inspire imagination and build self esteem in children.
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  • Give a gift that will become a cherished family keepsake.
  • Make your child or loved one the STAR of the story!

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